Chlorine can make water smell and taste bad. Chlorine is a powerful oxidant and is commonly used as a disinfectant in municipal water supplies to kill bacteria, cysts and viruses that can cause infectious diseases. Ironically, the use of chlorine to treat water to reduce the risk of serious infectious diseases produces carcinogenic by-products that are linked to cancer. Chlorine, even at acceptable levels, can contribute to dry eyes and skin irritation as well as make conditions such as eczema worse. In most cases it is desirable to do a whole house De-chlorination at the point of entry to remove chlorine from all of the water used in the home. If you are only concerned about your drinking water, a point of use reverse osmosis system is recommended. The EcoWater Systems “Water Refiner” is a patented all-in-one whole house system that softens your water as well as removes chlorine throughout the whole house. For more information on the Water Refiner call Advanced Water Resources at 800-732-6202.