Nitrates, Tannins, and Lead

Nitrates, generally a result of runoff from farming fertilizers can reduce oxygen levels in your blood and has been linked to blue-baby syndrome. Tannins, which are sometimes mistaken for iron, comes from decaying vegetation. It is not necessarily harmful but causes annoying yellow/brown stains in toilets and can ruin laundry. Lead, which has been linked to nervous disorders and brain damage does not very often occur naturally in the water in our area. However, much of the water we test contains high lead levels. This is usually a result of acid water leaching lead from brass fittings and faucets or old lead solder joints in the plumbing. These are all serious problems that can be undiagnosed or misdiagnosed. If you suspect any of these problems or would just like to be sure your water is safe, you can trust the professionals at Advanced Water Resources. Call us today at 800-732-6202.