The EcoWater ETF2300 PF series is a proven, all purpose back washing water filtration system that can be used for various filter applications. The 2300 series filters feature a full one inch ported valve and riser, quartz under-bedding and self cleaning distributors to assure adequate back washes and trouble free service. It also comes standard with a tank cover to eliminate sweating, a solid state electronic timer to control backwash frequency, and a corrosion resistant control valve.

Impression Series Sulfur and Iron Filters use advanced technology to solve sulfur and iron problems which are commonly found in well water anywhere. These filters are environmentally safe as they use no toxic chemicals found in other systems, so you’ll find refreshingly good water from the tap , every time.


We carry a large variety of specialty water filtration sytem medias that are effective in treating specific water problems in our region.

For treatment of hydrogen sulfide or “rotten egg odor” or other problems that require oxidation, we use the Water Right IMS Series Filter. Instead of harsh chemicals, such as peroxide or chlorine, this system simply uses ambient oxygen as the oxidizer. They have proven to work exceptionally well and eliminate costly maintenance usually associated with treating hydrogen sulfide.

  • Iron/Manganese Filtration
  • Neutralize Acid Water
  • Arsenic Reduction
  • Turbidity Removal
  • Iron Removal
  • Hydrogen Sulfide “Rotten Egg” Removal
  • EcoWater ETF 2300 Series filter uses ambient oxygen to oxidize and remove iron and hydrant sulfur instead of harsh chemicals
water filtration system

We also carry a large inventory of filter housings and cartridge filters for various applications.

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