Rotten Egg Smell | Hydrogen Sulfide

As water passes through aquifers that contain hydrogen sulfide gas (h2s), some of the gas mixes into the water. And unlike most other contaminants in the Mid-Atlantic region, sulfur levels can change regularly as rainfall and barometric pressure change. Stagnant water in pipes, like in bathrooms that are rarely used, can also cause the gas to concentrate the smell even stronger. In extreme cases h2s can even be corrosive and leave black stains. Until recently, treating hydrogen sulfide required at least three pieces of equipment and was very expensive. With the use of new technologies we can now treat h2s with one amazing unit. Your water will not only smell better, it will be clearer and will taste great. To learn more and get a FREE in-home water analysis and estimate, call Advanced Water Resources today at 800-732-6202.