Ultra Filtration

The Ultra filtration system by Ultrapro removes bacteria and other impurities through a membrane technology, providing clean, filtered water for your entire home. It is commonly used to filter out natural organics, colloidal iron and clay as well as silt which is a known cause of staining. The Final Barrier filtration will rid your water of bacteria.

Ultra Filtration Benefits:

  • No chemicals are needed
  • Minimized risk of clogging
  • Membrane surface can be cleaned easily
  • Water is treated even when the power goes out
  • Uses existing water pressure to operate
  • No additional pump or motor needed
ultra filtration

Safer Water For Your Family
If you are concerned about microbiological organisms and impurities in your household water that can be detrimental to your family’s health, this water filtration system can give you peace of mind. UltraPro membrane technology aids in the reduction of bacteria, cysts and virus. UtraPro filters water to a rate of .02 micron absolute, leaving your water colorless and odorless.